3 Metre Oil Absorbent Boom 1 (4 Pack) – Max Absorbency 130 Litres

£76.86 (Ex VAT)

The strong and porous outer of the boom combined with the highly absorbent filler makes it a high performance oil absorbent boom. Perfect to contain or control any spill, place around at-risk outlets and more.


Size and Capacity:

  • 300 cm x 12.5 cm, 4 Per Pack
  • Oil absorbency: Max 130 Litres

Pack description:

  • Direct Booms are made using traditional tie joins which can be used to make up any length and will not allow booms to drift apart, unlike booms with metal hooks and rings which can allow oil to escape.
  • Our booms are UV stabilised and will not deteriorate when outside for long periods.
  • Weight ensures that Direct Booms will not lift in bad weather conditions.
  • Direct booms will not sink even when saturated.
  • Ideal for using to contain or control any spill,place around at-risk outlets to contain spill at source and place around industrial water coolant inlets as a preventative measure against contamination.

Additional information

Weight 12.6 kg
Absorbency capacity


Product type


Qty Per Pack


Absorbent type

Oil Absorbents

Data Sheet

Spill Kits Direct Data Sheet – Direct Oil Booms -502-01026, 50-01027, 502-01028, 502-01029, 502-01030, 502-01031, 502-01032

Compatibility data and advice

Spill Kits Direct – Sorbent compatibility chart

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