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1.25 Metre Chemical Absorbent Socks (10 Pack) – Max Absorbency 36 Litres

£22.17 (Ex VAT)

Supplied in packs of 10 our 1.25 metre chemical absorbent socks are ideal for diverting or ‘pooling’ spills of hazardous chemical liquids and can be placed around drums, tanks or machinery to stop the spread of any leaks.


Size and Capacity:

  • 125 cm x 7.5 cm, 10 Per Pack
  • Chemical absorbency: 36 Litres

Pack description:

  • Direct Chemical Socks.
  • Highly absorbent 100% polypropylene filler and outer.
  • Absorbs acids and alkalines as well as oil, water and coolants.
  • Will not allow liquid to spread.
  • Suitable for a range of applications including: Contain, control and absorb any spills on land; Around drums and IBC’s for temporary bunding; To contain leaks from chemical plant, pumps and processes & In laboratories for containment.

Additional information

Weight 3.3 kg

Absorbent Type

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Chemical Absorbents


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