bsafe™ – Refillable Automatic Hand Sanitiser Dispenser

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bsafe™ our automatic infrared hand sanitiser dispenser is touch free to prevent bacteria spreading and cross infection occurring. The correct amount of liquid is dispensed into your palms ensuring there is no wastage and no drips. Easy opening via a key makes refilling fast with no spills.  It has an added feature of a drip control setting ensuring that you can control the amount dispensed.  It is wall mountable and comes with screw fixings.  We recommend using our 1000ml refill bottle of bsafe alcohol free sanitising fluid. Using our bsafe alcohol free hand sanitisers provides immediate 2+ hour protection, kills 99.99% of bacteria and enveloped viruses and the added aloe vera will leave your hands feeling soft. 


Suitable to use in areas where soap and water are not readily available and in areas where there is a need for high level of hand sanitisation.

·         Automatic sensor
·         Touchless
·         Measured dosage
·         Fine Spray
·         No need to dry
·         Holds 1000mls
·         Runs on batteries, no power supply needed


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