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Our Vision


We are well known and established in the UK for providing spill response services and products. We use that influence to create real change for all emergency spill response situations.

Our vision is simple, to create a cleaner and safer world where environmental pollution is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented from becoming a natural disaster.

With the help of our products at Spill Kits Direct and OPEC leading the way in Environmental pollution control we can make this a reality.

Together we are championing and continually researching into improving spill response products and services.

We’re here to change emergency spills and containment. We are a leading business helping to transform everyone who requires our products or service. And with our community of customers and development teams we can make this a reality.

Be a part of our future. We know it’s a big ambition and a bold challenge. We don’t underestimate the scale of the work. But what inspires us daily is the opportunity to move towards changing the way we all react to spills in the workplace or at home.