Oil Vehicle Spill Kit 03 – grey container – absorbency 56 Litres

£275.22 (Ex VAT)

Vehicle Spill Kit. Buy Direct from Spill Kits Direct.


Maximum absorbency capacity 56 Litres


  • Pads 40 cm x 52 cm(25)
  • Socks 125 cm x 7.5 cm(4)
  • Cushion 55 cm x 35 cm x 10 cm(1)
  • Flow Stopper Slab 22.5 cm x 20 cm(1)
  • Disposal bag(1)
  • Tie(1)

Pack description:

  • For dealing with spills of carried goods or of vehicle’s own fluids.
  • The container is a 3mm high density polyethylene in grey with nylon coated handle and stainless steel fastener.
  • Extended sides for ease of mounting on outside of vehicles, on trailer or rear end of cab.

Additional information

Weight 9.2 kg
Absorbency capacity




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Data Sheet

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