About Spill Kits Direct

Spill Kits Direct is part of the OPEC group which was established in 1980.  Our reputation for designing and developing innovative solutions to help make the environment we operate in a cleaner place is what makes us stand out from the rest to make a real difference.

Spill Kits Direct launched in 2008 with an aim to provide a single platform for all of your pollution control requirements.  Safely containing spills whether it be oil, chemical and general fluids is a key component to our vision.

Spill Kits Direct offers competitively priced, quality assured products with a very high level of service, expertise, and technical assistance from people within the industry.

Our expertise and products continue to help organisations and individuals succeed in improving water quality and in most cases saving money and increasing profitability. Essential for any business handling oil or other hazardous products, spill kits are an important part for any business with or without a spill contingency plan.

Our Vision

…is to create a cleaner and safer world where environmental pollution is understood, effectively treated, and ultimately prevented from becoming a natural disaster.

We are well known and established in the UK for providing spill response services and products. We use that influence to create real change for all emergency spill response situations.

Pollution Prevention

Our range of products and services has enabled us to gain many years of experience in a cross-section of industries including oil and gas, food manufacturing, power generation, steel production, marine, brownfield remediation, rail and many more.

We supply oil skimmers for removing surface oil from polluted water. This can be mobile and emergency spill response or static permanently fixed machinery in industrial applications for primary water treatment.

We supply rotating jet mixers to stop sludge forming in the bottom of crude oil storage tanks. The jet mixers are also used for tank mixing and homogenising product storage tanks.

We supply a range of oil booms for emergency oil spill containment, oil spill clean up, inshore and nearshore as well as bespoke permanently fixed booms for debris and oil spill control at river water intakes and other varied industrial applications.

We supply approved biological and other environmentally friendly cleaning products in small to large containers for a multitude of applications. We supply oil Spill Dispersants.

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