Spill Kits

At Spill Kits Direct our main aim is to provide the most up-to-date spill kits available in the marketplace.  We can also build be-spoke spill kits where necessary.

Spill kits are available in 3 main types, Oil, Chemical and Maintenance.  They are identified by difference colours as per the BS:7959-3:2000 guideline.  Blue for oil, yellow for chemical and grey for maintenance.

The principal reason for colour coding is for identifying the type of hazard you are dealing with.  The sorbents are also different in manufacture.  Whilst oil only sorbents are oleophilic and hydrophobic (absorbs oil/rejects water) chemical, and maintenance sorbents are hydrophilic (absorb water) which allows the recovery of aqueous based liquids.

There are 4 specialist categories useful for particular market sectors,
General, Vehicle, Shipping and Specialist

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