Plant Nappy

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Plant Nappy and Liners


Plant Nappy and Liners are available in 3 standard sizes and are popular portable spill containment products when carrying out repairs on site.

  • Vinyl coated polyester mesh.
  • Abrasion resistant.
  • Oil & chemical resistant.
  • UV resistant.
  • High tensile strength.
  • Temperature resistance, -20°C to 107°C.
  • Woven Olefin fabric coated with Olefin resin.
  • Stain, chemical, and mildew resistant.
500 x 685mm
1000 x 685mm
2000 x 1370mm
DescriptionThe smallest of the Plant Nappy® range has proven popular as a means of portable spill containment when carrying out minor repairs on site.The Medium Plant Nappy is a very popular size due to it’s vast array of applications, small enough to be carried anywhere with large adsorbing capacities, you can ensure the environment is protected at all times.The Large Plant Nappy offers environmental protection for large plant and equipment without compromising portability, weighing just 6kg uncontaminated, it removes manual handling issues and can be positioned by one person.
Typical Uses+ Storage of Fuel + Cans
+ Small generator
+ Refuelling power tools
+Protection for minor plant repairs
+ Small water pumps
+ Water pumps
+ 2.7Kva generator
+ Catchment area when refuelling
+ Small to medium plant machinery
+ Traffic signals
+ Medium to Large Generators
+ On-site plant/vehicle
+ Fuel bowser drips
+ Most pumps
Weight Nappy / liner only1.2 kgs / .04 kgs 2.5 kgs / 1.2 kgs6 kgs / 4 kgs
Absorbency 2 litres4.5 litres16 litres
SKU - Nappy800/01316800/01317800/01318
SKU - Liner only800/01313800/01314800/01315

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