Plant mat

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The PlantMat® has been designed to offer absorption and total immobilisation of oils and fuels, particularly in high mobility areas.  PlantMat® offers extended features when used in conjunction with Plant Nappy®

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Utilising Soliditex® Technology

A brand new composite developed from the ground up to replace existing polymer technologies by using purpose made polymers that not only turn oils and fuels into a solid mass, but effectively offers horizontal and vertical wicking for lightning fast reaction times. Not only does this offer 100% oil/polymer contact but the sophisticated construction prevents uncontrolled swelling of the Mat with no layer separation – keeping everything contained.  This patent pending composite also means that water doesn’t stand static in the substrate preventing oils and fuels from being absorbed.

SKUSizeTypical usesAbsorbency CapcityWeightUse with plant nappy
800/01311440mm x 625mm

Storage of fuel cans
Small generator
Refueling power tool
Minor plant repairs
Sump catchment
up to 3 litres.73 kgs500mm x 685mm
800/01312940mm x 625mm

Engine bay protection
2.7Kva Generator
Catchment refueling area
Medium plant machinery
Temporary lighting/signals
up to 6 litres1.5 kgs1000mm x 685mm
800/013101940mm x 1310mm

Large generators
On-sit plant/vehicles
Fuel bowser drips
Large hose repairs
up to 24 litres6 kgs2000mm x 1370mm

Technical specification

Top MeshCore materialBase
Abrasion resistantSuper absorbentAbrasion resistant
UV StableOil solidifyingPuncture resistant
Tough constructionInnovative structureTear resistant
Protective layer
Non Permeable

Bespoke sizes also available
Branded colour way options

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