Oil Absorbent Boom – Ultra

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Our heavy duty oil absorbent boom is made from polypropylene that absorbs hydrocarbons not water. The boom can be used to make up any length and will not allow booms to drift apart meaning no oil will escape.


Size and Capacity:
SKUTypeEnd fittingColourSizeAbsorbency
per pack
502/01019/GUltra-weightHookGreen20 cm x 3 m157 - 172212.5
502/01031/GUltra-weightHookGreen20 cm x 4 m210 - 230216.5
Pack description:
  • Our ultra oil absorbent boom can be used to make up any length with metal hooks.
  • Will not deteriorate when outside for long periods.
  • Weight ensures that the booms will not lift in bad weather conditions.
  • An absorbent boom for the toughest situations.
  • The UV stabilised 100% polypropylene outer  has tensile strength of 600N/5cm (weft), 1400N/5cm (warp) allowing easy access for all liquids immiscible with water including hydrocarbons, solvents and mineral oils.
  • 6mm UV stabilised polypropylene rope integral to seam with 100cm tails for fixing.
  • Ring/carbine hook system for positive close joint.
  • Spare disposal bag in pack.
  • Water-repellency exceeds requirements of BS7959-2:2000.

Additional information

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Data Sheet

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