4 Metre Chemical Absorbent Boom – Max Absorbency 104 Litres

£98.99 (Ex VAT)

Chemical Absorbent Boom Made From Polypropylene That Absorbs Aqueous Chemicals and water. Buy Direct from Spill Kits Direct.


Size and Capacity:

  • 400 cm x 20 cm, 2 Per Pack
  • Chemical absorbency: Max 104 Litres

Pack description:

  • Our Direct Booms are made using traditional tie joins which can be used to make up any length.
  • Weight ensures that Direct Booms will not lift in bad weather conditions.
  • Use to contain or control any spill; Place around at-risk outlets to contain spill at source; Place around industrial water coolant inlets as a preventative measure against contamination.

Additional information

Weight 21 kg
Absorbency capacity


Product type


Qty Per Pack


Absorbent type

Chemical Absorbents

Data Sheet


Compatibility data and advice

Spill Kits Direct – Sorbent compatibility chart

Spill Kits Direct – Oxidising Agents Advice Sheet