Oil Absorbent Kit – Anti static – 660 wheeled bin

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660 litre wheeled bin, oil absorbent anti static spill kit

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Our range of anti static emergency spill response kits contain anti static absorbent products. Depending on the kit, they include oil absorbent socks, cushions and/or booms and pads.

The anti static oil spill kit range are hydrophobic. They are designed for use in absorbing highly flammable liquids where the risk of a static charge causing a fire or explosion exists.


  • 200 Anti static Oil Pads
  • 50    Anti static Oil Socks 125 x 7.5 cm
  • 10    Anti static Oil Pillows
  • 8     Oil netted booms (not anti-static) for use on water
  • 30   Bags and ties
  • Yellow 660 litre bin

Spill Kits Direct Data Sheet – Antistatic Oil Kits 501-01031-AW, 501-01031-AW, 50101032-AW

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