Clay Plugging Putty Tub 1.8kgs – 6 Tubs

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1.8kg Clay flow stopper pot. Buy Direct from Spill Kits Direct.


Pack description:

  • Flow Stopper Putty is specifically developed for the emergency sealing of leaks from holes, tears and ruptures in drums, pipes & storage tanks e.
  • Stops most spills at source and can be used on any non-flexible surface.
  • The putty is ready for immediate application, just mould the putty into a ball and push firmly onto the source of the leak.
  • Can withstand pressure of up to .25 bar
  • Stays in place for up to 24 hours
  • Effective down to -20°c.
  • Supplied in 6 large tubs for large or multiple repairs
  • 3 year shelf life

Additional information

Weight 11.9 kg
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Flow stopper putty