Fastank Bund Bazooka Filter Refill

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The FASTANK® Bazooka Filter System is designed to safely allows waste water to be processed and released from our Bund portable containment systems while also capturing petrol chemicals.

  • It is easily fitted to the Bund and this can be done before despatch.
  • It can be used anywhere water has to be processed such as construction sites, industrial sites, warehouses, generator storage, etc.
  • It uses C.I.Agent Hydro Sheen Filter.
  • The exterior of the filter is highly visible UV resistant coated mesh which is abrasion resistant, antifungal and mildew, flame retardant, Phthalate-free, antimicrobial and has a high tensile strength.
  • The filter medium is C.I.Agent Agent-Q which is a high strength, lightweight hydrophilic spunbond. This contains about 120 grams of C.I.Agent Oil Solidifying Polymers Agent-Q which will solidify hydrocarbons in temperatures ranging from -34 to 54° C
  • Filters need only be replaced after a catastrophic spill unless routine inspection indicates that the filter has become blocked over a longer period of time dealing with small escapes.

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