OT4 Biological Degreaser – Small Areas & Equipment 20 LITRE

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A new approach to the cleaning of oil stained floors, hand rails, walls and equipment: a powerful biological and environmentally friendly spray that rapidly removes oil contamination. 

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OT4 for cleaning oil contaminated equipment and surfaces including machine casings, floors, walkways, handrails and similar pedestrian areas. OT4 can be used for bench top cleaning of oil contaminated machinery and other parts.
The OT4 range contains a blend of solvents for effective degreasing performance, and biological enzymes and bacteria to digest oil stains to completion. All OT4products gives you industrial strength cleaning results without the hazards or toxic side effects of others products.

Why choose OT4?

  • Environmentally friendly: Biological and Biodegradable
  • Non-toxic and low hazard: Safe for the user and the environment
  • New improved formulation: Reformulated for reduced hazard profile and increased performance.










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