OT4 Biological Degreaser – Small Areas & Equipment 500ml trigger spray pk

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A new approach to the cleaning of oil stained floors, hand rails, walls and equipment: a powerful biological and environmentally friendly spray that rapidly removes oil contamination. 

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OT4 is a biological degreaser for cleaning oil stained floors, hand rails, walls and equipment.

A powerful biological and environmentally friendly solution that rapidly removes oil contamination.

The combination of eco-friendly formulation and high performance cleaning makes OT4 the perfect product for cleaning oil contaminated equipment and surfaces including machine casings, floors, walkways, handrails and similar pedestrian areas. Also perfect for bench top cleaning of oil contaminated machinery and other parts.

OT4 contains a blend of solvents for effective degreasing performance, and biological enzymes and bacteria to digest oil stains to completion. OT4 gives you industrial strength cleaning results without the hazards or toxic side effects of others products.


  • Environmentally friendlyNon-toxic, VOC free, D’ Limonene free, biodegradable and with no potential for bioaccumulation.
  • Effective & powerful – the biological Formula easily removes stains on metal and plastic. OT4 is even effective in removing oil stain and greases, it removes stains ordinary products cannot. 
  • Safe to use – non-flammable and with low hazard profile – requires no special equipment or spill control equipment
  • Quick and easy to use – supplied in ready to use trigger spray – just shake before use. It’s that simple! Or larger pack sizes.
  • Biological solution – naturally digests oil contamination into harmless CO2 and water
  • Biodegradable – naturally breaks down in the environment, leaving no soil residue and with no hazard to grass and plants










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