Ground Mat for Fastank Bund 2.5×3.5m

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FASTANK® Ground Mat is designed to provide extra protection to the bund on rough or sharp ground.

  • Ground mat provides extra protection to the Bund on rough or sharp ground e.g. hard core finish
  • Made from vinyl coated industrial strength fabric
  • Can be used as an additional washable work area


Colour Translucent
Coating Flexible PVC applied to both sides
Total Weight 530/ m2
Tensile Strength N/ 50mm Warp 1200
BS. 3424/ 7B Wefr 1100
Tear Strength Warp 400
BS. 3424/ 7B Weft 350
Flame-retardancy Compiles with BS. 7837: 1996

Additional information

Weight 4 kg
Dimensions 300 × 400 cm